Dec 21, 2008

From my heart to yours

Christmas always seems a time to be thankful...even more so than Thanksgiving. Aren't we lucky that we can afford to buy or make gifts for the people we love, that we are about to enjoy a bountiful Christmas Eve dinner, and that Santa will soon make his appearance to light up my grandson's face. We're fortunate to have a fireplace to warm us, a car to drive for last minute shopping, warm coats and hats and mittens to wear during this cold weather. We should be thankful for the blankets or quilts that cover us at night, the furnace that runs non-stop during this cold weather, and for a stove that is instrumental in creating soups and stews to nourish us. Though my electric bill is climbing every month, I'm thankful that we even have electricity when my friend and family in parts of the country don't due to ice and snow storms. I'm also thankful that my grandson lives so close by and loves to spend the day with me. I know so many grandparents who have family living across the country and aren't able to enjoy the day to day activities of their grandchild. I am truly thankful, even on the days I don't want to get up at 6am to get ready for his arrival. And though it may sound silly, I'm thankful for every blogger friend who takes minutes or even just seconds out of their day to read what I have written, or to share their thoughts, ideas, and daily life with me by writing their own blog. Christmas scenes from around my house today: This balancing act may not be so Christmas-y -- but it's funny! Look what I found when I walked around the corner from the kitchen to the family room! From my house to yours -- from my heart to yours -- Merry, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each and every one of you. Thank you for sharing this little corner of blog land with me. You touch my heart.

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karen said...

Your house looks so beautiful! I'm thankful for the same things you are, Joan. In fact, I just came on the computer to look at our budget and decide how much I can send to the Santa Fund. I'm hoping someday soon you'll be here to spend a Christmas in New England.