Dec 20, 2008

Conversations with a 3 year old

Brayden's almost 3 years old (March 1st) and conversations with him just amaze me. Here are a few examples of what's been going on around here: Brayden: Where's Umpa? Me: He's still in bed. I think he's being a lazy boy. B: You're probably right. (I swear he said that! LOL) B: I was lazy too. Me: Oh, when were you lazy? B: Last night. Last night I was very lazy. Me: What did you do? B: Nothing (pronounced Nuzzing). That's because I was lazy. LOL Brayden loves my husband's NASCAR video game. He sits in his Umpa's lap and they play together. He doesn't really know what all the buttons on the controller do, but he likes to watch what happens on the screen when he's pushing buttons. Jeff had a hole in the knee of his jeans yesterday. Brayden kept sliding his hand into that hole, and Jeff would laugh and tell him to stop. (No 3 yr old is going to stop if he can get you to laugh!) Then Brayden discovered he could reach over while Umpa played the NASCAR game and push a certain button to make the game rewind, which of course, made Jeff laugh and tell Brayden to stop. You could see this little mind put two and two together. So he would put his hand in the knee-hole, make Umpa laugh, and before the laughter had died down, reach over and push the rewind button. Knee, rewind, knee, rewind - over and over again. Jeff started seriously telling him to stop and he kept it up - knee, rewind, knee, rewind... I came into the room and said, "Brayden, what are you doing?" B: I'm aggravating Umpa. LOL! At least he's honest :)

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holly said...

He sounds like a doll. Have a Merry Christmas. Thanks for the laugh.