Nov 4, 2008

OK, I'm blogging after all...

Wow. I am still in shock. I went to my voting place this morning and guess what?? NO LINES!! DH and I went to vote at 9:15am, and I was first in line for a voting machine. We even parked right in front of the building. So here we have the media telling us 1) Obama has already won and 2) the lines are four and five hours long. I'm sure many folks have decided not to vote because 1) why bother if the election is already decided and 2) why stand in line for hours if the election has already been decided? I say - go vote no matter what. And if there's a line, be patient and stand in it. Smile, talk to other people in line, remember how wonderful it is that this many people are turning out to vote (vs many years in the past when only 15% of voters turned out). Smile, enjoy the voting experience. But vote. Don't let the media convince you your vote isn't worth anything. Vote vote vote. No matter who your voting for - vote. Now I'm going to go turn on Fox News and see what's happening. How exciting is this?!?

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