Nov 11, 2008

My crafty project for the Kitchen

I was cruising around the Budget Decorating blog on, and saw the cutest idea for hanging up measuring spoons. I fell in love instantly. This is truly my kind of decorating! My kitchen is decorated in a coffee motif. I actually collect electric percolators (anyone remember those??) from the 1940's through 1960's, and have other coffee paraphanalia around the kitchen. (By the way -- "collect" means I buy them if I can find them for $2 or under at flea markets, yard sales, estate sales, etc.!) So I headed to Ebay to see if I could find a coffee pot or tea pot picture frame. No luck. But I did find this: And fell in love with it -- except for the rafia and the curly-cue wirey thingie on the top. The sign arrived in yesterday's mail. It is 8 x 9.5 inches and the colors are just perfect for my kitchen. Hi ho hi ho -- a'crafting I go... and gather up 5 small cuphooks and a picture hanging hook, and a pair of wire cutters. Snip! Off came the rafia and curly-cue wirey thingie on top. Luckily, the frame is made of soft pine, so I didn't need to pre-drill the holes for the cup hooks. Just a ruler to figure out how to space them across the bottom. And now I have this hanging in my kitchen over the sink!


Tina said...

Too cute! And of course I love the "dance" sign. Tina (aka Tapdancetutu or Quilt Dancing)

Pamela Cole Harris said...

That is so cute! I am glad I could give you the original "kick" of creativity!


Syikin said...

Oh!! Really nice..

I think I should try it out also

The Calico Quilter said...

My husband has a collection of vacuum coffee pots, both electric and the type that goes on the stove. He claims that vacuum pots make the very best coffee. We've got them sitting around too. I've posted a photo on my blog.