Nov 11, 2008

Halloween candy left over? Remember our Soldiers!

I mentioned that we had minus three kids for Halloween this year, compared to well over 100 in years past. I bought candy for the "well over 100" group that never showed. I don't give my grandson sugary treats, and neither Jeff nor I need to be eating that much candy. What can you do with leftover candy? Send it to the soldiers overseas! What a great idea! A non-profit group called Soldiers' Angels will accept your leftover Halloween candy to put in Care Packages they ship to our soldiers overseas. You can find more information here. And while you're there, look around their web site because they have numerous ways to help out our soldiers, from sewing quilts to knitting scarves to making handmade canes for the wounded to sending cards and so much more. I believe they have 23 different programs! What a worthy cause!

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