Nov 3, 2008

Being Thankful #1

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and that, combined with reading many blogs that often have Gratitude lists or Thankful lists, I've decided to each day add a list to my blog of five things I'm thankful for, and continue this each day through Thanksgiving. I invite you to do the same! I know in "difficult times" (and yes, we all have them), I find this exercise to be most helpful. I may not be having difficult times right now, but it is always beneficial to count your blessings. Here are mine for today. Things I'm Thankful For:
  1. Beautiful Fall weather
  2. A husband with a sense of humor equal to his sense of responsibility.
  3. The cat doesn't need to go to the vet after all.
  4. That first quiet, relaxing cup of coffee in the morning.
  5. That I've picked up knitting needles again, after many years without.
Leave a comment if you add this to your blog and I'll come and read it!


Tina said...

Joan - I am loving your blog even more than usual the last week or so. It's so refreshing to "enjoy the cup of coffee" with you and everything else! I might "steal" a few of your ideas - the Being Thankful or the other various "lists" you write, when I feel the inspiration. I have been blogging much more often and much more quilt related...and of course reading several blogs too.

Karen said...

I'm going to try to list five things to be thankful for every day...I'm sure some days it'll be easier than others.