Oct 9, 2008

Two Scheduled Days of Pure Housework

Now, I know it's the season of Halloween and all, but yesterday I went to put water in a terrarium I have in my office and saw..... cobwebs! LOTS of cobwebs! Halloween or not, this is NOT cool! I know I've been a bit lazy lately about housework (yes, I confess... I get lazy!), but I refuse to get to the point where there's cobwebs in a very busy room in my house! I can live with cobwebs in the garage and in the basement, though we do go through with a vac once or twice a year and get those cobwebs out, but in my office?! Shame shame shame! So today (Thursday) and Saturday (I have Brayden all day on Friday), I will be doing housework the Don Anslett way... Grab all my cleaning supplies -- Windex, cleanser, furniture polish, rags and paper towels, long-handled cobweb brush, cleaning toothbrush (yeah, I know -- I am THAT anal when I clean!) -- in a bucket, start in the corner of a room and go all the way around, cleaning from top to bottom, using the appropriate cleaner/tool as I go. It's a very speedy method of cleaning, and is especially good at getting dust, fingerprints and yes, cobwebs! I plan on getting the downstairs done today, which is kitchen, family room, dining room, my office, bathroom and laundry room. On Saturday Jeff will help me do the upstairs (hey, he volunteered!), which is master bedroom, guest room, Jeff's office, my quilting room, two full bathrooms, hallway and stairs. A word to the wise (which I'm sure you are, so you already know this), you can't clean clutter, especially with this method of cleaning. My house isn't normally cluttered (OK, except for my office where all things paper land in this house), so I just took a few minutes last night to go from room to room and do a good general pick-up/put away of anything that needed to get back to it's home. But if you have clutter, I highly recommend you head to Flylady's web site and get out from under the clutter before attempting a good thorough cleaning! So I may be blogging a bit less for the next few days -- but I know you'll understand. A clean home environment is more important than blogging -- well, it should be anyway! OK, some days it's not, but you know what I mean!

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