Oct 26, 2008

My Flea Market Finds

Jeff finished his work project late last night, and wanted to reward himself with a trip to the local Flea Market today, so off we went. I had some great finds! Locally grown fresh veggies -- three spaghetti squash (that will keep very well for several months in my basement), green onions, gorgeous large sweet potatoes, and beautiful green peppers -- all for $5.00. Of course, I found fabric. Actually, Jeff found it and told me about it. These are not quilting fabrics, but home dec fabrics. About six yards total for $5.00. This photo doesn't do the fabric justice. Some will be used for purses and some will be used for pillows for my family room. This sweet Nutcracker Christmas plate. It has some problems (a bit of paint chipped on his hat and feet) but I still love it. I collect nutcrackers, so this will be a nice addition at Christmas time. $1.00 for the plate. A bag of a LOT of polyester ribbons in a rainbow of colors. Most are 10 yard spools, half full or better. $1.00. I like to add these to the edge of a plain white pillowcase just to goose up the pillowcase a bit. A box of trinkets! I've been looking at these on Ebay after I saw this "I Spy Bag" on Etsy. I don't think I'll include the pipes or beer cans, but other than that, there's good stuff in here! Another $1.00. And, my favorite find, a toy sewing machine for Brayden! Made in 1976, it can be hand cranked or battery operated with a foot petal. It's a bit dirty, but will clean up nicely (I'll take the Holly Hobby stickers off so it's a little less girlie. Jeff suggested I paint it in camoflage! LOL). And, most importantly, it works beautifully and the foot stays at just the right height so your fingers can't get near the tip of the needle. I will set up a little table and chairs in my quilting room for him, and he can sit and sew as much as he wants, and I can sew on my machine at the same time. The man wanted $8.00 for it, and I got it for $6.00. It was a beautiful, crisp, cool morning here in southwestern Ohio and perfect weather for cruising the flea market (Turtle Creek). I'm happy with every thing I bought!

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Dixie's Whimsey said...

Now that's my kind of flea market!