Oct 29, 2008

Brayden - sick sick sick again

Brayden arrived at my door at 7:15 this morning for my regular day of babysitting. He had a cough which quickly got worse. By 8:30 I was very concerned, and called my daughter to have her go back home (from work) and get his "breathing machine" and inhaler medicine. She did, and he was better after a treatment, but just for a few minutes, then he got much much worse. I called Mary again at work and told her how concerned I was, so she got him a doctor's appointment at 11:40. By 10:00 I was close to bringing him to the Emergency Room. He was coughing through every single breath, with no break between and it was a nasty bubbely cough but nothing was coming up with it. Since it was cold this morning, I took him out on the front porch, bundled us both up in a blanket, and rocked him until it was time to leave. His breathing improved a tiny bit, but not enough to stop me from being scared for him. So, the diagnosis - pneumonia in his left lung, along with bronchitis, combined with allergies and his asthma. Yikes. Heavy duty meds, lots of breathing treatments, back to the doctor tomorrow if he's not better. So the poor little guy is kind of draped around me as I held him, waiting for the doctor to bring me some medicine samples, and the front desk nurse asked Brayden if he wanted a Halloween sticker. (He's just learning about Halloween, since this will be his first year participating. I've been explaining to him about knocking on his neighbor's door and getting candy.) He didn't even pick up his head, but shook it yes. She put the sticker on his jacket and he looked down at it, then put his head back on my shoulder. I said, "What do you say?" and... bless his heart.. in his sick little, sad little voice, he said... "Trick or treat..." All together now -- "Awwwwwwwwwwwww...."


Grammy said...

Oh poor baby. My grandson has a nebulizer too. And last week they were in Arkansas the altitude burst his ear drum. He will be ok I hope. But the poor kids have to go through do much pain. It seems like almost all kids are getting asthma or ear or something now a days.
I will keep Brayden in my prayers too.

Tina said...

Oh, wow. It is definately not fun when the little ones are sick. Bradley was very sick the day his little brother was born back in April. It was hard being there with my daughter and the baby, with him sick with his other grandpa. After just a few hours with the baby, I went and got him, dosed him with his medicine, fed him popsicles, and rocked him until his fever went away. A very interesting day for the baby's birth-day.....how us grammas just do it!

tipper said...

Awww so so sweet. I'm so sorry he is sick. Saying a prayer he is well soon. So scary when they can't get their breath.

Lisa said...

Poor Brayden! That is too bad that he keeps picking up this respiratory stuff :( What is he allergic to? It must have been scary to see him with that much difficulty breathing, but it is good that you did not have to go to the emergency room, as that can be a nightmare in and of itself.