Sep 16, 2008

Yikes, Ike!

I'm borrowing a friend's computer to come on quickly and update why I'm not on and blogging about our (wonderful!) vacation. The greater Cincinnati area -- and much of the State of Ohio, for that matter -- was hit by Hurricane Ike on Sunday afternoon (just as we were driving back from our vacation). Totally unforecast, it hit our area hard with winds up to 77 mph in places (which would be, if sustained winds, a Category 1 hurricane!). Our immediate neighborhood was hit particularly hard, with trees uprooted, fallen on houses, siding missing,shingles blow away, etc. It could be worse, of course!!! First, let me say -- thank God I keep a full pantry. We have a gas grill and propane camping stove, we have water. We have no electricity and, last I heard, will not have it earlier than next weekend!! We came home from vacation with an almost empty tank of gas (big mistake, trust me), and could not find gas anywhere within our gas tank's range. So frustrating. Long story short -- especially for relatives who are not able to get in touch with us -- no phone -- we are fine. Jeff and I are hardy New England soles with lots of camping experience and a full pantry, and we will be just fine. It will, however, be awhile before I can get back online. My heart goes out to all the folks on the gulf coast who are suffering so much more than we are (and, my goodness, you should hear people here complain about the small amount of suffering we are doing!!!). For us, lack of electrical power is the hardest thing we have to endure -- no water, no flooding, no high temperatures. So... I will be back!!! Check back after next weekend and I'll update you on our absolutely wonderful vacation!


Tina said...

Joan - I know you won't see this, but we had it hard on this side of Butler County too. Just a bit of roof damage, but still no electric. I know, how hard it must be for the Gulf Coast people. We have generator running the freezer and frig, and cooking with propane and grill too. We'll get in touch next week.

Karen said...

I'm so glad you're okay Joan. When I saw the problems Ike caused in Ohio I was worried about you! Keep up the great attitude!

tipper said...

Sorry your area was hit hard-but glad your doing well.