Sep 10, 2008

Hi ho hi we go!

The food is in the cooler, the clothes are in suitcases, the toys are boxed... and off we go for a mini-vacation. Jeff and I are taking Brayden for four days in Hocking Hills, OH. I have made my lists, checked them twice, packed from the list, checked everything again... and STILL forgot to buy bagels! Honestly, I'd forgotten how much planning and packing it takes with a two year old. I've run so many "what if's" through my brain that it's spinning. My biggest concern is clothes -- there is no washer and dryer at the rental house. And the weather right now can swing from 50's at night to 80's in the day -- so I have to be sure Brayden has the right outfits for the weather and the activity. Then I have to have inside/rainy day toys vs outside/play on the beach toys. Portable sides for the bed because there's no crib, and a gate to keep him from going up and down some very steep stairs. Bandaids for boo-boo's, Tylenol for teething, sippie cups and a booster seat, the monkey blanket for diaper changes and picnics, the favorite pillow, a toy to cuddle, games and music to play in the car -- Now you see why I made lists! I have, as usual, over-organized our trip -- planned and written up an agenda, have a notebook with phone numbers, maps printed off for locations -- and we'll get to our rental house, unload the car, forget about schedules, and just enjoy ourselves. Whatever I forgot can be purchased just 2 miles away from the house. I'm so looking forward to having fun with Brayden and Jeff. I hope the weather holds up for us -- rain is forecast 2 of the 4 days, but that's OK... we don't melt and I've packed rain jackets and umbrellas. Two year olds LOVE walking in the rain, splashing in puddles, and carrying an umbrella. It's all good. As Brayden says, we're going to have "TOO MUCH FUN!" Now if I can just remember my camera... Wait.. where's my list?!?


Karen said...

Hope you have a blast on your mini-vacation. You're very brave to bring a two year old! I'm not sure I'd be up to that challenge!

The Calico Quilter said...

Your list of traveling necessities brought a smile. I remember when our friends had small children. A visit to our house (no kids here, so no chance of borrowing anything forgotten) required a pile of stuff smaller than Lewis and Clark packed, and a station wagon to carry it all!

tipper said...

Oh I do hope you have TOO MUCH FUN!!