Jun 14, 2008

The BEST Home Remedy - and frugal too!

I've mentioned this "Helpful Hint" (aka Life Saver, for me) before, but after a few minutes of agony last night, I feel strongly that it's worth mentioning again. I occassionally suffer from leg cramps that border on debilitating muscle spasms. It's only happened a few times in the past 4 years, but when it happens -- youchie. It usually happens if I've either been walking a lot or working hard outside in the heat without rehydrating. Yesterday, I did both and last night paid the consequences. I woke up to a really severe muscle cramp around my ankle, to the point where I could not UNbend my foot. Nasty stuff. Many months ago I got on the Internet and started looking for home remedies for muscle cramps. I found one that looked absolutely silly -- until I tried it. This is THE most amazing thing ever. The remedy is to eat a big spoonful of good ol' yellow mustard for INSTANT muscle cramp relief. I can't begin to tell you how fast and thoroughly this works. Jeff went down and got a spoon and the mustard, and I gulped down my spoonful. I swear, within 5 seconds the cramp and the pain were gone and today there's no trace of muscle soreness that you often get the day after a bad cramp. I understand it's the tumeric in the mustard that does this. I don't know why. All I can tell you is that it absolutely positively works. My daughter told me last week that she got a severe muscle cramp in her upper thigh one night, got out of bed and gulped her spoonful of mustard, and is now able to support this theory. I know it sounds bizarre. But the next time you suffer from a muscle cramp, try it for yourself. And spread the word. This is a really good one to know when you need it!


JaaJoe said...

One of the leading causes of muscle craps is a magnesium deficiency. I just got done reading a great article on the topic called "Calf Injuries and Magnesium Deficiency," that I would suggest

Rose said...

My husband gets cramps real bad sometimes, so I told him about your home rememdy...he had occasion to try it out and it worked for him!

Joan said...

I'm so glad it worked for him, Rose! Thanks for coming back and telling me. I'm a huge believer, but I always wonder if maybe it's just me psyching myself into believing something works. LOL So thanks for the affirmation.