Jun 12, 2008

Emptying my Brain Day

Things I keep meaning to blog about and no longer want on my brain (there's only SO much room!): The berries I mentioned in a previous post are black mulberries (once I had that info, I went and looked them up and sure enough, they're black mulberries) and they are edible. I wish I'd asked the question two weeks ago when they were at their peak, but now I know and will be better prepared next year. I may try and get one or two jars of jam from them to try them out. Thanks everyone! If anyone else is interested, here's info and recipes! I think I'm going to try the Mulberry Cobbler and see how it goes. Need a good link for kids' activities this summer? Check out Rocks in My Dryer's list of web sites! What a goldmine! Grandkids visiting? Or want to take the family out to eat on a budget? Check out this website and find out where you can take kids out to eat for free! When you get to the site click on SEARCH at the top of the page, then put in your state, then town!
And speaking of kids and summer -- here's a recipe that used to be one of my kids' favorites. Buy a bag of Chips Ahoy cookies. Buy a pint of vanilla ice cream. Sandwich a small scoop of ice cream between the bottoms of two cookies, wrap each "sandwich" in plastic wrap and presto! Ice cream sandwiches with a twist. These used to be a big hit at Girl Scout meetings too.
If you're interested in leading a more frugal life (something the price of gas may force on all of us fairly soon), check out some of my favorite frugal websites (most, if not all, will offer weekly suggestions for buying "scenarios" at Walgreens, CVS and WalMart that will show you how to get items for free, or nearly free): Be Thrifty Like Us
BeCentsAble - "Awaken your shopping CentsAbilities!"
Want to learn more about shopping at CVS for little or no money? Check out Money Saving Mom's article called CVS 101 for a good place to start. Declutter and gather some good summer reading at the same time. It's a win-win situation. Post your books (hardcover, paperback, audio, fiction, non-fiction) on PaperBackSwap.com, receive credits when people ask for your books (you pay shipping - media mail) and use those credits to get new books for yourself for some great summer reading (They pay shipping). No library due dates, no "ohmygawd, I left that $30 hardcover in a hotel room on vacation"... perfect for the summer. I've been happy with every book I've received! And when you're done decluttering your books, how about decluttering your DVD's on PaperBackSwap.com's sister-site SwapaDVD.com. Works on the same principle as the books -- list your DVD's, get a credit, pick new DVD's to watch. It's a great way to have some movies for your kids and grandkids this summer at a fraction of the cost of buying. You pay shipping ($2.05) when someone chooses one of your DVD's, but you don't pay shipping when you order a DVD from someone else. C'mon -- you know you're not going to watch Die Hard III anymore! And by the way -- it's REALLY easy to list books and DVD's -- all you have to do is type in the ISBN number -- no description, no photos, no programs to download. MUCH easier than Ebay!
Don't forget -- Sunday is Father's Day! Jeff doesn't read my blog so I can tell you here that his is going to be a "Deadliest Catch" themed day. No, I'm not taking him fishing! He's getting a DC t-shirt, a "Shut Up and Fish" bumper sticker, and the new Deadliest Catch PC Game. Since he only has his work laptop, you'll understand what's going on if I don't blog for a few weeks.... it means he's on my computer playing his new game!
OK, last thing. I have a new favorite TV show. You won't believe it. It's a show called Mobile Home Disaster on the CMT channel (I think that's Country Music Television). Ohmygawd, it is SO funny. The host is John Caparulo and he's the sexiest thing on TV -- well, no, not really, but he's one of the funniest and I find a sense of humor to be really sexy! Combine outrageous country humor with Home Makeover with frugal living, and you've got a recipe for success. At least in my book -- which usually means the show will get cancelled soon. But hey, I like it! Worm poop lovers unite!
OK, my brain is back to it's normal empty status, so I'm good to go. I'm off to make cupcakes for Jeff's poker party tomorrow night, and while waiting for them to cook, I'll be browsing my local paper to pick out yard sales for Brayden and I tomorrow morning!

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