Jun 7, 2008

CVS Revisted, CVS Rainchecks w/ECB's!

I made another trip to CVS today because they were out of stock earlier this week on several items I wanted. For my $38.00 in purchases, out-of-pocket money today was .07 cents! Here's what I purchased: 2 Chex Mix - $1 each (normally $1.99) 2 Cascade Dishwasher Gels $3.99 each (normally $5.49) 10 cans BumbleBee Tuna - .66 each (great sale - normally $1.99) 1 Listerine Smart Rinse - $3.49 (normally $3.99) Coupons: $3 off $15 CVS purchase $1 off Chex Mix x 2 coupons = $2.00 $1 off Cascade x 2 coupons = $2.00 $1 off Mouthwash I used $13.00 in ECBs. Total amount out-of-pocket: .07 cents I received $3.49 in new ECBs - so I made a profit of $3.42! However, I found out something new about CVS. Earlier this week I went to pick up Chex Mix, and they were out of stock. They issued me a Rain Check with no expiration date for the $5/5 price! I will hold onto this until I find more coupons and, hopefully, get these for free again. They were also out of the $6.99 Oral B toothbrushes - so I asked the store manager about them. He had the cashier issue me a Rain Check for them -- with a note to issue me the $14.98 in ECB's when I purchase them even if it's AFTER the ECB offer date!!! I have no idea if all stores do this, but it's definitely worth the effort to find out!

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Tipper said...

My small town does have a CVS-I need to go check it out and see if I can manage any of the deals you do.