May 12, 2008

My Spending Fast continues

I continue to do well on my spending fast, despite the fact this is my birthday and I'm known to buy myself birthday presents! We went to the Appalachian Festival in Cincinnati on Saturday. I spent $6 for a little leather pouch for Brayden to keep "treasures" in -- and .75 for two such "treasures" -- a marble he loved and a pretty rock he loved. I bought Mary's Mother's Day present at the Festival (Brayden's portrait done in silhouette - it was wonderful!), but I don't consider that a non-essential. I did go out to breakfast with a friend on Thursday, but spent only $4 plus $1 tip. So, to date, that's under $15 of unnnecessary spending. I guess anything over "$0" is not a true spending fast though. I've been getting some nice freebies in the mail these days. This week I received coupons for freebies from Thomas' English Muffins and for a fruit juice. I received money off coupons for several other items, and received free samples of the True Time drinks and Huggies Diapers. I found the best way to find free samples of products you normally use is to simply do a Google Search for "Free Sample" and see what comes up! Today is my birthday and, as is pretty standard for my birthday, I plan on doing only what I feel like doing. It may be nothing, it may be quilting, it may be working in the garden. Whatever it is, it will be exactly what I want to do. I love birthdays!


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Happy Birthday a day late! I tried several times yesterday to leave you a message-but my computer was going wack-o and would not let me! So I was thinking Happy Birthday to you-I just didn't get to tell you!

The festival sounds fun wish I could have went. And I'd say you did good on the spending-I know I couldn't have done it!