Apr 8, 2008

Spring cleaning - slow but sure

I've gotten several "junk drawers" cleaned out and my coupons cut and organized (they were all stuffed in a drawer in my office), and today I'm attacking the family room. I need to remove the winter slipcovers, wash them and hang them out, plus take down the curtains, wash and hang out. If I can also get the tracks of the sliding door cleaned (it's toothbrush time!) and the windows, doors, and electronics cleaned, I'll be happy.

The weather here is just gorgeous - should be low 70's today. I've turned our furnace off completely, though it's still high 40's and low 50's at night. Hopefully we won't have to turn it on again this season, which will be a huge savings. Jeff did, however, refill and connect the hot tub, so the savings of having the furnace off is going to be counteracted by the new increase in electricity for the hot tub. Ah well...

Aside from the Spring cleaning tasks, I have some errands to run today, and I need to buy gas. I just checked GasBuddy.com and found gas prices in my errand route range from $3.12 to $3.34! I'm glad I checked as my "regular" station is in the $3.20's. Gas prices change so quickly here that I'll check one more time, just as I'm ready to go out the door.

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