Mar 21, 2008

Today's To Do List - tomorrow

Today was a bit of a washout. I'd planned on taking Brayden to the library and to the car wash this morning, but he arrived at 7am not feeling so well. I'm not sure if his asthma kicked in or he's starting another round with a cold, but by 8am I had to give him a breathing treatment, which he doesn't like but is super good about doing. That helped him a bit, but not as much as normal, which made me suspect he was actually coming down with another croupy cold. By noon his nose was running a bit. He was fairly quiet all morning and seemed tired, so I fixed lunch early and took him up for his nap at noon. He went right to sleep. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn off the phone in the bedroom, and the phone woke him up at 2:30, which may seem like a long time for some, but not for Brayden. As tired as he was, I think he would have slept until 3:30 or even 4:00pm. But he was up and having more problems breathing, so Jeff took him outside. It was a nice day but still cool (high 40's), and cold air will often help Brayden. He seemed to do much better from that point on. So we didn't get to the library or the car wash, so both must now be done tomorrow. Jeff's had my car for the past two months and he never cleans the car out (mumblegrumble), while I'm a near fanatic about having my car clean (I have cleaning wipes in my console so I can clean the inside in case I get stuck sitting at the train crossing or in traffic! LOL!), so I really need to get it to the car wash and get the two months of grime taken out! Today Brayden was playing with his NASCAR race cars, and he asked me what Car #24 was, and I said "That's Jeff [Gordon]". He looked at me and said, "Uncle Jeff!" He's only met his Uncle Jeff once, but we make sure to show him pictures often, so when JJ and Lisa come home he will know that they are family. We are working on him saying "Auntie Lisa"! Tomorrow's To Do List: -- WalMart (quick trip) -- grocery shopping (not WalMart) -- Library -- Car Wash -- Quilting Last Saturday, March 15, was National Quilting Day and I'd planned on spending the day quilting, but didn't. (I can't even remember why...) So I've decided to get up early and get my errands done by 11am (the Library and Car Wash don't open until 10am or I'd be done earlier), then spend the entire afternoon quilting. Ahhhhh... I can't wait. No pictures for this blog today, though I do have pictures of my new ironing board table on my quilting blog and Brayden has new photos on his View from Two blog.

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