Mar 11, 2008

Today's List - Things I'm Procrastinating About

  1. Calling XXXXX - a distant relative that likes to whine a lot, has imaginery illnesses, and generally leaves me with an unpleasant feeling after I talk with her -- but I still need to call and find out how she and her daughter are doing.
  2. Cleaning my oven - even though it's "self-cleaning"! Need to do this before warm weather gets here.
  3. Cleaning out my closet - too many clothes I don't fit into and need to get rid of. The good news? Some are too BIG!
  4. Cleaning and organizing my garden shed. Brayden will be out there with me and I need to get the chemicals in containers and up out of reach. LOTS to do in there.
  5. Deciding if I'm going to do a vegetable garden this year
  6. Freecycling big items in the garage (armoir, bookcases, and more)
  7. Posting items on Ebay
  8. Defrosting the chest freezer.
  9. Buying kitchen curtains. (Lordy, when did curtains get so expensive?!?)
  10. Starting a savings account for Brayden's future. (I want to put money in on each birthday and Christmas.)
  11. Freecycling DVDs and music CD's we don't watch or listen to anymore.
  12. Re-touch paint in hallway
  13. Re-touch paint on front door
  14. Get new bathroom mirror for downstairs bath.
  15. Plant 4-6 trees in back yard (we had 10 large trees cut down 2 years ago)

That's today's list!

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The Calico Quilter said...

May I suggest - for kitchen curtains, you could sew up some plain panels and embellish with an appliqued, pieced or seminole piecing border. Flaunt those skills!