Mar 11, 2008

Stretching the almighty dollar

I like nothing better than good tips on how to save money.... unless it's passing on good tips on how to save money. So here are two web sites that are extraordinary. One is how to save huge amounts of money, and the other is how to MAKE easy money... You won't believe what I found just wondering around blogs in the past few days. First, you can actually make easy money by sharing what you already know. I'm not kidding! Simply go to and submit helpful hints. They pay $3 for each hint published. Now here's the thing -- this is a fairly new website, so there are not a lot of tips on there, so yours could well be the first, even for hints pretty commonly known! I submitted 6 tips and 4 got accepted. It took me about 15 minutes to type them up and submit them, for which I'll get paid $12 through my PayPal account (no, I didn't have to give them my password). The next day I submitted 5 more and got 2 accepted -- another $6. So that's $18 in two days. And these were pretty common hints (Look on their web page today and you'll see three of mine!). Here's one I submitted that got accepted, just to give you an example: How to make an old grill look new again Does your grill look old and dingy but works just fine? Check your local hardware or paint stores for a heat-resistant black metal paint in a spray can. Use painter's tape to tape off gauges and knobs, and then spray your grill. It will look like brand new! That's it! Now, they don't pay until your hint hits their web page, but my first three only took about 5 days to appear, so that's not bad! Next, here's an incredible web site I found today - Money Saving Mom. I haven't read through all of it yet, but what I've read, I like! For example, they tell you what's currently on sale at Walgreens, then give you coupons that match that item, so you end up getting the item for FREE (or very very cheap). I also saw Target and CVS stores, and I was only on the site for a few minutes. Good advice on how to save money on groceries, plan frugal meals and more. I love this site! I've added to my "feeds" so I'm sure to check it every time she posts. A few of the items she posts are good for a very short time only, so you want to stay on top of it. Lastly, here's a great link to a Proctor & Gamble site that will send you coupons for their products worth $31!!! And they are products I use already -- Dawn, Fabreze, Cascade, and more. I have no idea how long this site will be up, so if you're interested... do it now! No affiliation on any of these sites... I just want to share the wealth!

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