Mar 31, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I've been putting off my Spring cleaning this year, but it occurred to me this morning that if I don't get going on it, I'll be doing a Summer Cleaning instead, and in the heat of southwestern Ohio, that just doesn't appeal to me at all. (Well, yes, we do have central AC but ... but.... oh, nevermind).

So here's my Spring Cleaning list, which I'm going to get done by the end of April:

Every Room:
Wash windows
Wash woodwork and baseboards
Wash light switches
Clean ceiling lights/fan
Remove heat register and vac. Wash register if necessary
Wash floor or shampoo carpet
Wash curtains/drapes

Take all items down from decorative shelf, clean items, dust shelf, return items
Take everything out of cupboards, wash cupboard shelves, freecycle items I no longer use, return items to shelves.
Clean and sort items in freezer, throw out anything old
Clean out all drawers, wipe down, return items.
Clean stove interior
Remove fan filters and wash
Remove everything from under sink, throw out anything I don't use, sort and organize

Family Room
Sort through DVDs and videos - get rid of what we don't watch
Clean and sort dresser drawers
Take off slipcovers (wash and store)
Clean electronics
Clean out trunk of Brayden's toys - store things he no longer plays with (for future grandchildren!)

Dining Room
Empty hutch, wash all dishes, wash shelves, return items
Have drapes dry cleaned
Remove humidifier and put into storage
Dust and polish all furniture
Clean mini-blinds

All bathrooms (x 3)
Scrub floor
Clean grout
Empty under sink cabinet, sort, wipe down, return items
Wash curtains, shower curtains, rugs

Master Bedroom
Sort through closets and dressers, get rid of clothes that don't fit or don't wear
Clean mini-blinds
Wash curtains
Pull furniture out and vac behind
Sort jewelry
Clean out nightstands

Guest Room
Flip mattress
Clean mini blinds
Wash curtains
Dust all furniture
Take down quilt hanging on wall and hang on clothesline
Wash area rugs

Laundry Room
Clean out cabinets, get rid of unused items, restock laundry items as needed
Clean out and defrost chest freezer
Remove dryer exhaust hose and clean
Clean rim of washing machine
Wipe down exterior of washer, dryer and freezer

Office (mine)
Clean out and reorganize paper goods cabinet
Wipe down desk and printer station
Clean computer keyboard and screen
Pull out bookcases and dust behind
Clean light fixture
Wash curtains

Office (Jeff)(and Jeff can clean it!)
Dust everything
Wash curtains
Wash miniblinds
Wipe down chair and desk

Quilt Room
Nothing! I just cleaned this room from top to bottom! Yay!

Deck, Patio, Front Porch
Use broom to remove any cobwebs / spider webs
Put rocking chair on front porch
Bring patio furniture from storage, power wash
Set up gazebo
Wash front door, surrounding windows
Clean welcome mat
Buy flowers to plant in planters x 6
Clean grill and outdoor fire pit

Garage, Basement, Storage shed, garden shed
Yeah, right - like that's going to happen

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karen said...

oh my Good Lord...I'm so thankful I live in a three room condo when it comes time for spring cleaning!!!