Mar 30, 2008

Out to Eat

Jeff and I decided last night to go out for Mexican food. We actually haven't been out to eat for a few weeks, and I needed a break (and he felt like Mexican food!). There's a Mexican restaurant, Casa Taquila, just a half mile from our house that we've driven by a million times but never stopped. At one time several years ago we heard that it was voted one of Cincinnati's best Mexican restaurants. I'm not sure why we'd never been there in all these years. The restaurant is in a little strip mall, and not very appealing from the outside (perhaps that's why we've never been there??). But what a pleasant surprise when we walked in! Bright, clean and much much larger than it appeared from the outside. They had beautiful dining room chairs painted in bright Mexican colors with suns and stars and chili peppers painted in gorgeous hues of blue and orange and red. I'd redecorate my entire kitchen if I could get six of those chairs! The staff was attentive and friendly. Within just a few seconds of sitting down, we had warm tortilla chips served with a salsa dip and a warm bean dip in front of us, which were very tasty and seemed made fresh. I was hopeful that it was a sign of good things to come. It's always nice to find a comfortable restaurant with good food in your own neighborhood. I couldn't have been more disappointed. The food was just terrible! I couldn't believe it! I honestly thought there was something wrong with ME because no Mexican restaurant would ever serve food that had absolutely NO taste! Jeff and I both ordered a combination plate that came with a chicken tostada, beef enchilada and some other beef dish (identical to the enchilada but without the sauce). Both had beans and rice as side dishes. The rice was overcooked and soggy. Though it did have a hint of red color to it, there wasn't a trace of any tomato taste or any spices of any kind -- not even salt or pepper. The chicken on the tostada was over-boiled and didn't have a trace of chicken flavor. There were no spices or seasonings in any of the dishes! How can that be possible in a Mexican restaurant!?! I am not a restaurant snob at all. I like food of all kinds, whether it's in a fast food restaurant or an upscale restaurant. I'm not a Mexican food connosieur. Put some cumin and oregano on almost any meat and put it in a taco shell and I'm happy! Believe me when I say I am not a fussy eater and I can't remember the last time (if ever) I found food to be inedible in a restaurant. This restaurant's food was as near to inedible as I've ever found. Jeff and I always rate new restaurants we eat at on a scale of 1 to 10. Most get a 7 or 8. This restaurant received a 1 from me (only because of the ambiance and the staff) and a 2 from Jeff.


Lucy said...

I hope I'm not intruding onto your blog. I happened onto it through "It's the cat's House". I've found out through travels that the closer you are to the Mexican border, the better the food. So come on down to Phoenix area and I will take you to Rancho de Tia Rosa. Mmmmmm. Best ever. Great blog, btw.

Lisa said...

Sounds like you got a taste of real Mexican food! Bland, mushy, with carrots, etc.? That's it! You might try it again ordering stuffed chiles or another Mexican speciality.

We as Americans are used to Tex-Mex.

Lisa said...

P.S. This doesn't mean that it was good Mexican food. Although, if you like spicy food, you can try them again and try ordering it SPICY - then you'll get some flavor.

When you two come out to CO again, we'll treat you to good real Mexican!

Anonymous said...

Bryan and I did the same thing for Valentine's Day. We went out and tried a little Mexican place that we have heard of for years but just never tried. As your experince, ours was tasteless. Oh excuse me...the ice tea that Bryan had had lots of flavor...the flavor of a chlorine pool! Oh it was just like sticking a straw in a pool full of water with a little lemon! My pulled pork was like a plate of soggy, tasteless mush. UGH. We will never go there. We did leave the waitress a 20.00 tip though! I used to babysit for her, she's a single mom. Lovely little restaurant though!