Mar 4, 2008

Smartie pants

Brayden is with me today (sleeping right now. Bless 'im - he's a great sleeper! He'll nap for about three hours this afternoon!). I had promised him that the next time he came to my house, he could write in my "book" (my 5 x 7 Daily To Do List notebook I keep). So this morning, he climbed up on his bench so he could reach the counter, and I gave him a pen and the book, and he started scribbling. He wanted me to write with him, so I asked him what he wanted me to write. Usually he says a name ("Mama") and I write it out, saying each letter as I go. I swear this is true. Today I asked him what he wanted me to write... and he said.."B" So I wrote a B... then he said R..... A....Y....Z....E.....N... Well, OK, he got the Z/D wrong... but this little guy SPELLED HIS NAME! LOL! I think that's amazing for a JUST turned two year old! (Of course, I think everything he does is amazing... but really! This is REALLY amazing!) He got a Memory Game for his birthday, and I sat down with him to show him how to play. Now, admittedly, he doesn't get the whole "take turns" thing (though we'll work on it), but I did take 8 cards (4 pair) and turn them upside down, and had him turn one card right side up and try to find it's match. If he didn't find a match, I turned both cards upside down again. He was great at it! He did an excellent job of remembering where the cards were, even though he couldn't see the pictures! I did read a hint on Amazon that little ones can play this game, you just start them with fewer cards. Once I get him to understand about taking turns, we'll start adding in cards as he accomplishes each level. So...I'm a proud Grandma (Umma) today!

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karen said...

Isn't it great to have the smartest, most wonderful and beautiful grandchild in the world? LOL Hard to believe he's just two years can tell someone's been spending lots of time with him....and giving him lots of love!