Feb 27, 2008

My itty bitty audio book player

My new MP3/wma (audio books) player arrived yesterday, and I'm so thrilled to have it back! I bought one of these last year, but haven't seen it in a long, long time (I believe I left if at the local Sears store when I went to pick up my new eyeglasses -- at least, that's the last time I remember having it. I've searched and searched with no luck, and finally gave in and bought a new one. Although the name is different than my last one, the same manufacturer makes it (Creative Labs) and it was on sale for $19.99 (refurbished)!!! It's a 1 gig player, which is plenty of room for me, since I use this only for audio books.

My local library is a member of a service called Net Library, which offers free downloadable audio books. Although the most recent bestsellers are probably not available, many great books are -- and did I mention, it's FREE?? You get to check out the audio book for three weeks, and you can renew one time for another three weeks. They evidently put in some kind of date code that shuts the audio book down when your time is up. But did I mention - it's FREE?

This little player (about 3 inches x 1 1/2 inches x 1/2 inch) weighs next to nothing and fits in my jeans pocket. The sound is crystal clear. You can easily foward and rewind, and it's best feature -- if you click it off in the middle of an audio book, it will save the spot where you left off. The audio books are NOT broken down into "tracks" so this feature is critical! Some more expensive players do have a "bookmark" feature, but this player doesn't have one.

It's a Creative MuVo V100 - and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves audio books! If you buy any other brand, make sure the player will play WMA files, which are audio book files. Please note that many MP3 players (including iPod) will not work with WMA files. Be sure and check specs!

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