Feb 26, 2008

DUMA KEY by Stephen King

I said I'd never read Stephen King again, after finding myself SO scared while reading one of his books that I threw the book across the room. That was a long time ago -- it may have been CUJO or one King wrote shortly after that. I swore I'd never read him again -- but here I am, reading his newest book DUMA KEY. I'm about half way through the book, and so far it's OK. Not too scarey and really well written. You get completely enmeshed in the lives of the main characters, and I'm a sucker for really good character development. There's been a few hints that darker things are coming, and I pick the book up each night with a bit of trepidation... like waiting for someone to jump out at you and yell "BOO!"... but that person is never behind the corner you think they're going to be behind. I'm pretty sure I'm being lulled into a false sense of security and that the darker side of King will leap out at me at any moment. But my goodness, you have to admire this man's writing, whether you enjoy horror books or not. I often visualize him sitting at a typewriter (not a computer!) and plunking away, picking the words one by one. I just can't imagine how anyone is given that much talent -- how anyone can use the same words you and I know, but put them in an order that just sweeps you away into his world. It's brilliant stuff. I'm not sure what will happen when I do reach the scarey parts... I'm SO enjoying the book and I SO hate to be scared. But I'm already so involved with the two main characters that I doubt I'll be able to put it down without promptly picking it back up again. Maybe I can just read the scarier parts quickly -- kind of skim over them to get the jist, but not the details... So far, it's a wonderful book -- totally engrossing. I just hope I can finish it.


Karen said...

Oh my God, so funny! Did you ever watch "Friends?" One of the characters, Joey, is reading The Shining, and every time he gets too scared, he puts the book in the freezer!
Years ago, I was reading Salem's Lot, also by Stephen King. I was an adult because I was living on Royal Circle. In the book, there were zombies, and they created more zombies by staring through the bedroom windows, and if your eyes locked on the zombie eyes, you became one too. Now...I didn't believe that could happen, but just to be sure, every night I'd close my eyes and walk into my bedroom and pull my shades down before I opened my eyes again...not because I BELIEVED, but just in CASE!!

The Calico Quilter said...

Your description of how you approach reading a horror book is priceless! Never could read them, myself. I am usually immersed either in something very serious or something frivolous. I just bought Mary Kay Andrews' "Deep Dish" and it's hilarious. I've read all her books - I think it's a southern thing, why I love them so. And, guaranteed, no BOOs! Don't need THAT right before bedtime!