Feb 21, 2008

Another beautiful sunrise

Another beautiful sunrise at my house this morning. I'm delighted to find that the sunrises are coming earlier and earlier -- which means Spring is just around the corner! Yay!

These colors are my "dream quilt" colors - that beauitiful turqoise blue with the salmon-pink and butter-yellow. These are MY colors. They remind me of the colors found in Maxwell Parrish paintings, which I love.

And a picture of Brayden Lee playing "Bump bump" on Jeff's recliner. He loves to run his car (notice, it's a NASCAR car) over anything with a bump to it. As I've mentioned before, Brayden loves his race cars and knows them all by name -- Kevin (Harvick), Terry (LaBonte), Bobby (LaBonte) and Dale (Earnhardt Sr.). He can identify them when races are on TV as well.

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