Jan 10, 2008

Update on the new year

I'm making progress. The "healthy eating" is going well. I do have to use up foods that are in the house, so we're not yet 100% on track, but as I go grocery shopping each week, all that's coming into the house are healthy foods. Ninety percent of the time, I'm substituting mustard for mayo on sandwiches. When I do use mayo, it's Hellman's Canola Oil mayo, which doesn't have the saturated fats that regular mayo does. 100% whole grain wheat breads are all I buy, and I don't by lunchmeats unless I can purchase Boars Head meats (no fillers, no trans fats, far far superior to standard store lunchmeats). For breakfast I've been having either oatmeal (no flavors, just plain) or a 100 calorie English Muffin. On the english muffin I use low fat cottage cheese in place of butter. Lunch has pretty much been a sandwich of sliced turkey or leftover chicken with lettuce, or sliced Boars Head ham with low fat cheese and mustard. We've been eating a lot of homemade soups and chili for dinner. I did make a huge batch of chili last week, using ground sirloin and ground turkey instead of high fat ground beef, LOTS of vegetables in it, and high fiber black beans. We had three meals out of it, and I froze another three, plus gave Mary a serving to take home. Today I'm making ham and lentil soup, but instead of ham hocks, I bought one slice of Boars Head ham, sliced at 1/4 inch thickness, which I will cube up to put in the soup. Mmmmmmm...good stuff! Night time snacking (though honestly, I'm not a big night snacker) has now become an apple or a banana or a tangerine when I do snack. I'm more an afternoon snacker, so I make a cup of coffee and have a Stella Dora breakfast biscuit (90 calories and really appeases my sweet tooth). So, it's going good. Still no exercise because my hip has been bothering me a lot. Brayden and I did get outside and go for a walk on Wednesday (him on his tricycle and me pushing, so maybe that's some extra calories burned in addition to the walking!), but that's been it. I need to call an electrician and have them add some wiring downstairs because my treadmill blows a fuse when I plug it in. But that's no excuse -- I could be outside walking! It would probably actually help my hip! I've emailed one dear friend, Karen, but still need to sit down and write to my sisters Sarah and Gail to meet his month's goal of keeping in touch. I also need to call my friend Tricia. I haven't heard from her in so long and am starting to worry about her a little! (Note to self - do it today!) As for the other items -- I talked to Jeff about getting up to the cabin in Hocking Hills, but still need a date from him when he can take off work. I've added zinc, vitamin C and euchinacea to my regular vitamins to build up my immunity. I've got a new quilt project planned (see my other blog) and hope to start it today. I've decided to go back to work for Home Instead (assisting seniors in their home), which in my mind (and in light of the low pay) combines working part time and volunteering! LOL I've been waiting to get Jeff through his Hell Week (which has actually become Hell Month) and us through our colds before I call them. In the past I was given a specific client to visit one day a week, and I'd like to do that again. So, I'm happy with my progress so far, and I hope to keep moving forward on everything!

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