Jan 7, 2008

Monday & To Do List

I'm making progress, slow but sure, on my New Year's "self-promises". I've slowly been changing our eating habits -- for example, using mustard on sandwiches rather than mayo, using only 100% whole wheat bread, having fruit for a snack at night instead of chips or a sugary treat, eliminating bacon and sausage from our breakfast table. Slow but sure. I'm *finally* feeling better! I actually have some energy this morning and no cough! Oh my! Life is good! I swear, it's the first time since before Thanksgiving that I actually woke up feeling like I could have a productive day! Yay!!! So I'm back to my Monday To Do List, and hope to actually get everything done on the list. TO DO LIST
  • Vac downstairs - done
  • Dust downstairs - done
  • Good general pick-up downstairs - done
  • Windex slider, appliances, front windows - done
  • Change sheets - done
  • Clean cat box - oops, forgot! Tomorrow!
  • Freeze chili - done
  • Call prosecutor's office - too late :(
  • Email Karen, Sarah

Our weather today may hit a record high -- very high 60's (the record is 68)!! I have already turned off the heat and opened a few windows, and will open more once Jeff goes to work. It will be wonderful to air the entire house out -- banish some germs!

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