Nov 29, 2007

It's time to move on

I'm still sick. The bronchitis has eased dramatically, but the conjunctivitis is just refusing to let go of me. I've always been susceptible to this eye infection, catching it frequently when my kids were bringing germs home from school, but I've also always shaken it within 24 hours of being put on medication for it. This time, I just can't shake it and it is AGGRAVATING! However, life needs to go on. I'd don't feel sick (though I'm still only at about 75%, energy-wise), so I need to get things done, conjunctivitis or not. I don't really want to go out (no, wait - I'm dying to get out of the house, actually -- I've been home for more than a week now!), because I know how infectious this is. But I can get other things done here. So today I'm focusing on Christmas lists. Get lists and present ideas firmed up in my head, and probably do some online shopping to get things rolling. Here's my To Do List for today:
  • Make list of everyone who gets presents, with present ideas and date needed by.
  • Move Amazon gift certificates over to Amazon (Jeff got these from work)
  • Purchase all presents that need to be mailed
  • Make list of what Christmas decorations I want to bring upstairs this year
  • Go to basement and get window candles and wreath and put those up
  • Write up menu for Christmas Eve dinner, plus list of grocery shopping needed
  • Check amount of wrapping paper, tape, ribbons, tags - list of what's needed
  • Make list of homemade presents to be given - post in sewing room
  • Check with Jeff on Christmas budget amount
  • Make list of presents already purchased
  • Make inventory list of stocking stuffers already purchased

If I can get all that done today and tomorrow, I'll be in OK shape and able to head out shopping next week when I'm feeling better (she says with a positive attitude!!!)

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