Nov 27, 2007

Grandchildren + daycare = sick grandparents

Yes, as unbelievable as it may be, Jeff and I are sick AGAIN. Brayden brought home another cold from daycare (perhaps I'm assuming on that one - could be from anywhere!), and I fought it off from Tuesday to Thursday night, but got hit on Friday. Jeff is about 4 days behind me, just coming down with it yesterday. I also came down with conjunctivitis, and went to the doctor yesterday. While there and telling her about my cold, she diagnosed me with bronchitis ...again! I'm happy this time that it was diagnosed early (as opposed to last time when it was very near pneumonia until I went to the doctor), and got on meds. Unfortunately, today the conjunctivitis is worse -- now in both eyes. UGH!!! I am sick of being sick. The doctor and I discussed ways to stop this cycle of catching everything Brayden brings into the house. Handwashing is the obvious culprit (or lack there of), though I am already washing my hands frequently when Brayden is in the house. But I'll up that more, just to try harder. She also talked about not smooching with Brayden...hahaha... I admitted, that's not going to happen -- especially right now while he's learning to give Eskimo kisses!! Little snotty nose rubbing back and forth against mine -- how can you possibly resist that?? LOL! She also gave me some essential oils -- one called "Purity" to burn in a defuser to eliminate germs in the air. Another called "China Blend" to help recover from sickness quicker -- this one I put one drop in a cup of tea. And a third called "ImmuBoost Extra" to put in tea when we're not sick to help boost our immunity to germs. I had tea with the China Blend last night and it was very good. It made my cheap old Kroger decaf tea taste like heavenly herbal tea. Very soothing. The essential oil ingredients are Lemon, Tangerine, Orange, Clove Bud, Black Cumin, Lavender, Thyme, Hyssop and Cinnamon Bark. I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately for the rest of the world I need to get out today -- get to the bank and the drug store. Other than that, the only thing I have my mind set on doing is changing the sheets in the masterbedroom (how many germs do you suppose are on THOSE?), cleaning up the kitchen, and wiping down the bathrooms with Clorox wipes. Jeff went to work this morning, but I think he'll be home early today. He was pretty wiped out this morning and he's really just getting started with all this.... sigh. It's probably soup for dinner and early to bed for both of us.

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Lisa said...

Lots of rest and water! Hope you fend it off!