Sep 17, 2007

My Daughter-in-Law

There are a lot of things in life to be grateful for. One of mine is my daughter-in-law, Lisa. Isn't she pretty?? (No, that's not her baby.) I know there are parents out there who have DIL's and SIL's that they tolerate or that they think are OK or that they like... But I absolutely LOVE my daughter-in-law! She fits into our family like she was the missing piece of the puzzle. When they were engaged, I told everyone I couldn't have hand-picked anyone better for my son. She is bright, pretty, energetic, responsible, and, above all else, loves my son. :) And he absolutely adores her. It's amazing to watch them together. They are not the same but they do compliment each other.

Lisa, if I haven't told you lately - I am absolutely delighted to have you as a member of our family. And thank you for being exactly who you are and for making my son so happy.

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