Sep 17, 2007

Monday's To Do List - Long!

The diet is doing well (7 lbs lost), and my energy level is up a bit. So, today I am spending most of the day cleaning my kitchen thoroughly, along with some other miscellaneous "must do's". So here's my list: Monday's To Do List -- Make Jeff's breakfast (bacon, cheese omelette) - done -- Pack Jeff's lunch - done -- Make bed - done -- Straighten up both upstairs bathrooms - done -- Dishes into dishwasher - done -- Empty and wash out refrigerator - done -- Clean oven - done (God bless the person who invented self-cleaning ovens!) -- Clean stove top - done -- Empty all counters, wash, polish - done -- Wash trash can - done -- Re-arrange pots & pans cupboard - done -- Re-arrange plastics cupboard - done -- Wipe down shelves, canned goods and over sink - done -- Wash windows - done -- Wipe all woodwork and baseboards -- Wash down all appliances - done -- Clean microwave - done -- Clean sink - done -- Call for dishwasher repair (later: apparently the dishwasher was scared when it heard the world "repairman" and fixed itself. Yay!) -- Wash family room curtains - tomorrow -- 2 loads of laundry - done Additional "done": I'd purchased a boneless pork loin ($1.77 lb.!) and had it cut into two roasts, plus 1/2 to 3/4 inch bonless chops. Today I got those wrapped individually, 1 roast or 4 pork chops per package, and put in the freezer. I'd also purchased 7 lbs of ground beef ($1.29 lb.) and packaged that as three 1-lb packages, plus 8 meals of 2 (thick) hamburger patties per person, and I used 1 lb. to make up meatballs and froze those (should be 3 meals worth). I've got two roaster chickens and 2 bags of frozen wings in the freezer, so we should be good to go for meat for a month or so. I have some leftover veggies and ham in the refrigerator, so I am going to try and make a quiche this afternoon -- that's always good as a side dish for dinner or a quick breakfast. (Later update: Another "done" -- We did have crustless quiche for supper, along with sliced pork leftover from yesterday's roast. The quiche had brocolli, green peppers, onions, cubed ham, and zucchini in it. YUM!) That ought to keep me busy!And to whomever left an anonymous comment about my grandson's asthma? If you want to make a personal comment like that, you need to step up and sign your name to it. :)

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