Aug 4, 2007

Saturday To Do List - NOTHING!

I am officially taking today OFF! Wow - the past two days have been hectic, babysitting for Brayden and preparing food and house for the poker party last night. The food was a great success -- meatball subs followed by the Ice Cream Sandwich Cake. Man food! Our electricity went out around 11pm, but because we have a candle-chandalier in the dining room, the guys continued to play by candlelight! The game broke up around 12:30am. Me, I fell asleep at 7:30, woke up around 10pm! I was just plain worn out from babysitting for Brayden (who was just a titch fussy -- I think he's coming down with another cold or perhaps it's allergies?) and cleaning house and cooking. Didn't spend the evening quilting as I anticipated, but now I'm all rested up and ready to rock n' roll in the quilt room today! The house is exceptionally clean, I've got a refrigerator (and freezer) full of meatballs, it's way too hot outside to do any yard or garden work (high 90's with very high humidity) so..... I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing today and resting up afterwards! Yippy!!! I love days like this! OK, one exception - I do want to change sheets on the masterbedroom and guest room beds. But that's no big deal and won't take me 30 minutes total. I'm going to go get that done as soon as I post this, and then it's an official NO HOUSEWORK OR COOKING kind of day. YAY! A note about the Ice Cream cake (recipe below). I thought it was a bit over-the-top sweet for my taste. The men loved it. I also think it definitely needed chopped nuts in the chocolate filling. It was VERY easy to make -- took a total of about 15 minutes, and froze nicely. Before wrapping the aluminum foil up and over the top, I put six toothpicks on the top to help tent the foil so it wouldn't pull off the frosting before it froze. That worked well. I also took it out of the freezer once it was frozen, and patched and missing frosting spots, moved it off the alum foil and onto a platter, then put alum foil over the top (still with toothpicks). This cake easily serves 12 as you do not want to cut big thick pieces -- just too rich for that! But otherwise, it's a good recipe. Scale of 1 to 10 I think I'll rate it a 7, but I think the guys would rate it a 9.

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Anonymous said...

i like your plan lol! I am new at this housewife thing and I am trying to get used to it! I need a to do list but I am having a hard time makin it lol hopefully it comes soon! i have a to do list for today, but I want to do something that covers the week and have my special day off too lol, any advice, how do i get motivated to do it all?!