Aug 2, 2007

Busy day

As I mentioned before, Jeff has a poker party here Friday (tomorrow) evening. So today and tomorrow are preparation for that. Unfortunately, my back "went out" completely yesterday morning. For the entire day I had great difficulty sitting down, bending, picking anything up, and standing in one spot for any period of time. I was home alone with Brayden, and bless his heart, he was absolutely wonderful and I didn't need to call Jeff to come home or DD to come get the baby. We walked around the yard a bit (walking is what seems to be the only comfortable thing I can do!), Brayden carrying a 2 foot dowel that he was pretending was a weed-wacker. LOL We went out to the vegetable garden and found green beans ready to pick. I picked a few and he and I munched on the fresh raw green beans, and he LOVED them! Thattaboy! He had concord grapes last week fresh off the vine, but they were a bit sour and he didn't care for them at all (as in - he popped one in his mouth and promptly looked at me with the "What on earth are you feeding me??!" look of his!) So I was a little surprised he was willing to test something else straight from the garden. But try them he did - and begged for more! I couldn't pick Brayden up at all, so when it was time for his nap, I handed him his bottle and told him it was rest time -- so he took his bottle and hiked up the stairs and headed to the bed! Sometimes I can't believe this little guy is for real! LOL! Temps in the afternoon were mid and high 90's, so it was too hot to go outside for very long. A few times Brayden wanted to do something I couldn't do because of the back pain, so I just explained that Gramma had an "ouchie" on my back and I needed to sit for a bit. He'd bring me one of his books and sit in my lap to read, or he sat and played with his toys on the family room floor. I'd purchased a Sit n'Spin at a yard sale last week, and introduced it to Brayden while he was here. He took to that like a duck to water! LOL! I didn't even have to show him what to do! I think it's genetic -- DD Mary and DS JJ spent MANY a happy hour on their Sit n' Spins! I had to help Brayden sit down on it, but once I did, he was good to go :) The other thing I simply cannot do when my back is out is vaccuum. Something about the position when moving the vac back and forth really hurts my back. But Brayden was upset that the kitchen floor had crumbs on it, so I got out the vac anyway. And he vaccuumed FOR me! Did a darn good job too. I have a video of it on my other blog but guess I should move it over here, since it's unrelated to quilting. So here it is: My back is feeling 50% better today, and I have a long two days ahead of me. Jeff took the next two days off to help, and what happens?? He gets called in for Jury Duty!! THURSDAY TO DO LIST
  • Dust/polish dining room - done
  • Clean desk in office, dust office - done
  • Clean downstairs bathroom - Jeff volunteered to do this
  • Grocery shopping - done
  • Make meatballs (for subs) and ice cream cake - done!
  • Windex windows at front door - done
  • Sweep front porch and walkway - done
  • Set timer on fountain - done
  • Good general pickup - done

Lastly, (before I go get to work!) I want to mention the FISCHER PRICE TOY RECALL. I just bought Brayden an Elmo car, which he absolutely loves and played with a lot. This morning I heard about the recall on the news and checked the recall website and sure enough, the Elmo car is on the list. There are a LOT of toys on the list, so if you've bought any toys in the past several months, please check the list!!!

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