Nov 22, 2014

Thanksgiving Preparation

Our Thanksgiving table will be small this year, but full of love, nonetheless. It will be my husband, my daughter, my two grandsons, and myself. It doesn't matter to me if we have 30 people at the table or three - Thanksgiving needs to feel like a holiday!

Which means, of course, we eat in the dining room with the good china. LOL

I made up my To Do List today to get everything done for Thursday's big day. Here's how I've planned it:

Saturday (today)
Clean out refrigerator

Wash tablecloth and napkins
Iron if needed
Make grocery list

Grocery shopping
Run good china and silverware through dishwasher

Clean house, including
Vac dust downstairs
Clean downstairs bathroom
Put tablecloth on, napkins out
Get out serving bowls, platter, serving utensils

Baking day
2 pies - apple and pumpkin
Dinner Rolls
2 loaves bread
Jeff goes to store to pick up fresh turkey

Thanksgiving Day!
Roast turkey
Mashed potatoes
Carrots (home canned)
Boiled onions in cream sauce
Cranberry sauce (home canned)
Green Bean Casserole (daughter)
Macaroni & Cheese (for B)
Apple and Pumpkin Pie
(home canned apple pie filling)



Karen said...

Sounds like a really sweet and simple holiday for you. This year I'll have my biggest dinner party....12 people! Tag spent the day making me an extra leaf for the kitchen table!

Kathy B said...

For the past 30 plus years, I have had our Thanksgiving dinner the night before. Everyone will gather at our house on Wednesday evening. After dinner, I have two gingerbread men (found at Meijer's!) for the grandsons to decorate. Easier than the houses! On Thanksgiving Day, I will make a nice breakfast for Tom, Dan, & myself. I will watch the parade. And then we will head out (years ago the entire family would attend) to see a movie of choice. Come back to the house, have a big plate of reheats, watch some football, & peruse the ads for Black Friday (I do not participate in that insanity). For everyone (especially Mom), this is a truly relaxing holiday.

Karen Saurer said...

Happy Thanksgiving and your menu looks awesome! Love the home canned foods listed.