Nov 2, 2014

Precious time with family

Our three precious grandchildren - Riley (7 mo.), Brayden (8) and Aimee (3)
It was a hectic, but joyful week last week, with my son and his family visiting for a few days. I absolutely loved having my three grandchildren together even for a short time. Three year old Aimee is quite a charmer! She's a little peanut of a girl, has beautiful manners, and loves to help in the kitchen.

We really only had one full day of the grandkids all together, but the weather was cold and rainy, so we couldn't go outside or the playground or the Zoo, which would have been nice. Luckily, I had a great activity for Mr. B (8) and Miss Aimee (3) that I'd picked up on Amazon. It's a cardboard rocket ship that the kids colored before we put it together. It kept them (and some of the adults) busy for quite awhile! (Providing a link in right hand column of the blog.)

We ate well while the family was here. For lunch, I made homemade pizza - a simple bread dough crust, home canned tomato sauce, sausage and cheese. Brayden and Aimee made their own small sized pizzas - Brayden is a pro in the kitchen because he's been cooking with me since he was two. It was my first time cooking with Aimee, and she knew just what to do! It was fun.

Dinner for all seven was a boneless pork roast cooked with garlic and rosemary, mashed maple sweet potatoes, and home canned green beans cooked with onions, bacon and garlic (southern-style). I also made some homemade wheat rolls and an apple syrup gravy for the pork roast.

Aimee loves Elmo
My house was a mess for the entire time company was here, with coffee cups and drink cups, bags and suitcases, toys everywhere. And I loved it. That mess meant my family was home and comfortable. That mess meant my house was filled with kids. I picked up after myself and attempted to keep the kitchen clean, but other than that I'd rather sit down and watch the kids have fun than be cleaning up behind them all the time. I knew my time with everyone was temporary - the mess could wait.

I love my family. They mean the world to me. Life is always good - but it's especially sweet when my family is sitting together at the kitchen table, and I have those three little faces smiling at me.

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Karen said...

There's nothing as wonderful as having all the grandkids together. It doesn't happen often here either. I threw myself a Mother's Day cookout this year and asked them all to come and they did! It was wonderful!