Oct 23, 2014

Topsy Turvy Week, Schedule-wise

Today is Thursday and supposed to be a light cleaning day (a simple dust, vac, clean bathrooms), but of course, life happens, and it's now errand day.

Errands included:
Car to mechanic's for oil change
Sam's Club

It's a beautiful day outside, so I certainly didn't mind running errands! I'd much rather spend these beautiful Fall days outside as much as I can. However, some days you just have things to do inside that can't wait.

Here is my To Do List for today:
mmmm... can you smell them?

Put Dishes Away
Windex appliances
Wash/Dry area rugs
Slice and dehydrate last 5 lbs of lemons
Call Doctor for prescription change
Wash Kitchen, laundry room and hallway floors
Put the flag out
Collect all trash, upstairs and down (Jeff)
Go through fridge and check for food that needs to be thrown out
Wipe up any spills in fridge
Good all over general pick up
Move canning jars to new laundry room cabinet
Jeff is also in charge of cooking dinner tonight. Yay!

I have three totes of boys' clothing that my daughter cleaned out of her house. I need to sort by size, take photos, and sell on a local "yard sale" group on FaceBook. My daughter could use the money but doesn't have time to do it, so I volunteered. (Added later: I got all the clothes sorted by size, three photos taken and the pictures posted to the Facebook group. Lots more to go, but I hope to finish tomorrow.)

I will be picking Grandson Riley up today at 5:00 at daycare. He's going to spend a few hours with us, including dinner. I need to pick some carrots from the garden and cook them up for his dinner.

As I write this, everything but sorting the kids clothes and picking and cooking carrots is done. I may just pick Riley up early and get outside for a walk today!

Until then, though, I just pulled up an old season of Survivor on the TV (Roku) and I'll sit here and sort clothes for awhile.

I will say that the smell of dehydrating lemons beats any air freshener you can buy in the store. My house smells so good right now!

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Karen said...

A dehydrator is on my Christmas list for Tag this year