Oct 20, 2014

Getting things DONE

In the past, I was the world's worst procrastinator. Why do it today when it will be there to do tomorrow? No more. I thought I'd share how I push through and just "get 'er done", after seeing Sarah post on FaceBook today: "My biggest obstacle...getting off this stupid computer so I can get stuff done!"  Been there. 

First, we have a weekly schedule that let's me see how much free time I actually have (a lot!). When creating a schedule, it's always important to give yourself time to do the things you really want to do - computer time, sewing time, playing with the grandchildren time, etc. Here's what our schedule looks like:

Monday: Big Cleaning Day (4-6 hours)
-- Jeff: Clean upstairs (dust, vac, clean bathroom, empty all trash, change sheets)

-- Me: Clean downstairs (dust, vac, mop floors, clean bathroom, empty all trash)

Tuesday: Daily chores, grocery shopping or errands if needed, then Free Day

Wednesday: Baking, canning, laundry, daily chores
-- Jeff: Plan and cook dinner

Thursday: Good general pickup and light cleaning (1-2 hours) then Free Day
-- Jeff: Upstairs
-- Me: Downstairs, vac kitchen and family room, clean guest bathroom
The afternoon is designated to get out of the house - walk, park, movie, whatever we feel like.

Friday: Daily chores, free day

Saturday: Laundry, outside work, garden, clean and vac out car

Sunday: Out to do something fun, family day or Free Day.

With the exception of the Daily Chores - which MUST be done every day (no excuses!), our days are flexible. We can swap a Monday for a Tuesday if the weather is nicer on Monday and we want to go out. We can swap Saturday for Sunday if grandkids want to come over. It's flexible BUT it all needs to get done. 

If you are organizing and decluttering (which, believe me, I had to do once my kids were out of the house), you can schedule in a half a day a few days a week for doing that chore. And understand, once you get through it all, it will STAY done if you stick to your schedule!

Daily Chores List:
Dishes out of dishwasher, dirty dishes in

Wipe down stove top, counters
Sweep kitchen floor
Trash out
Clean kitchen sink
Wipe down bathrooms, check supplies and towels
Good general pick up - put things away if needed
Vac kitchen area rug if needed
-- Jeff: Make bed, straighten his bathroom

So use schedules and lists, but understand if you don't schedule in time to do the things you want to do (vs the things you need to do to maintain a clean and organized home), you'll burn yourself out in no time. Set short term goals for big projects -- instead of "I need to clean and organize my entire house!" try "Today I will clean out two junk drawers and find 20 items to donate." Think in small chunks, rather than huge, overwhelming projects.

It's so important to think in small steps and not get overwhelmed with the larger task at hand. If you get overwhelmed, you will put it off. If you put it off, it will NEVER get done.

Don't let this be you!


sarah said...

Sounds like a plan to me. Ooops, am I on the computer again??? I'm actually trying to find a GOOD grease remover for the back of my stove.

Karen said...

Is there any such thing as a retired housewife? Great advice! Your house is lovely, BTW!