Apr 3, 2014

What I don't want us to do...

Jeff and I are both real home-bodies. We like to be home better than anywhere else. We like to putter around the house. We both have hobbies we enjoy. And Lord help us, we like to watch TV.

I'm concerned that it will be very easy for us to fall into a routine of rarely leaving the house except to do necessary errands, so we have agreed on this solution.

These are our "Get Out of the House" jars. Obviously, there's one for "Good Weather" and one for "Bad Weather". Which means, of course, no excuses for not getting out.

Any time we think of something that would be fun to do, either of us can add in a suggestion strip. The only requirement is that it not be a high cost activity. (Those we will plan in advance according to this new retirement budget we're working with.)

We have several activities we both really enjoy and that are minimal cost with the exception of gas. They include:

  • Geocaching
  • Fishing
  • Metal Detecting
  • Yard Sales
  • Odd Museums
  • Art Museums
  • Military Museums (OK, I'm just along for the ride on that one.)
  • Quilt Shows (which is why I agree to item above.)
  • Walks in local parks
  • Festivals 
  • Taking grandchildren to playgrounds
There is a great website, 365Cincinnati, that always has wonderful ideas on things to do, parks to visit, museums, etc. Some of our jar ideas have come from there. I'll also keep my eye on the local newspaper for new ideas.

Once a week, probably Sunday evening, we'll take a look at the weather forecast and our schedules, and choose an activity from the jar for that week. There will be no saying "no" to any activity -- after all, they are our own suggestions so we must want to do them! No excuses!

Life is good -- and we plan on taking full advantage of that fact!


Barbara.... said...

Superfragilisticexpialodocious idea!!

Love it!

Karen said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea. I hope you share your adventures with us.