Apr 26, 2014

Budget Garden Stakes

I'm not sure why, but I've been saving the Styrofoam trays that veggies come in. And today I'm glad I did! I needed garden markers for spinach, lettuce, kale and radishes.

I simply cut the bottom out of the tray, and then cut it into strips. I eventually cut down the sides and got four strips from each side as well.

I cut one end to a point, and used a black Sharpie marker to write down the name of the vegetable I was planting.

Excuse my dirty hands - I was in the middle of gardening when I realized I needed the labels. Out of the one tray, I got 22 plant labels!

There are some SUPER cute plant labels on Pinterest, but I needed them FAST and I needed them to be EASY, and I needed to make them from materials I had on hand. I'm happy with them because they'll do what they need to do.

Life is Good!

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