Oct 13, 2012

Wax on, wax off

You're going to want to write this one down. Pin it. Bookmark it. Tattoo it. Whatever it takes to remember this Helpful Hint. If/when you need it, you will thank me.

A few days ago I had an air freshener candle burning while I vac'd my upstairs. Apparently when I pulled the vaccuum behind me (I have a cannister vac), I pulled the cord hard enough so it pulled the small table that the candle was on -- and the candle, which had been burning for about 30 minutes and had PLENTY of hot melted wax in the bottom of the jar, rolled off the table and across my carpeted hallway.

Hot wax mess in Aisle Four.

At that point, I could have blotted the hot wax up, but that's not how we roll around here. I didn't even notice the candle had fallen over until I'd finished vac'ing my sewing room. A good 10 minutes later. And yes, I know I'm lucky I didn't burn my house down. My husband has been generous enough to remind me of this several times already. But thank you for your concern.

I had hardened wax drips down the woodwork, across the baseboard, and alllllllll the way across the hallway carpet. The candle eventually landed upside down, so that particular area was heavily coated in wax, surrounded by a good four square feet of little wax droplets trails.

What to do. What to do.

My first inclination is to say, "Well, we need new carpet anyway...." but since the checkbook just took a huge hit for the hardwood floors, I knew that resolution wasn't going to wash with my husband.

My next solution: Head to the Internet of course!

I thought I remembered something about using ice to get wax up, but couldn't remember the details. But then I found the one (now) tried and true method for getting wax out of carpet.

Grab a roll of papertowels and your iron.

Set your iron according to the fiber content of your carpet. I have no clue what the fiber content of my carpet is, so I started my iron on the "synthetic" setting and worked up from there. I ended up at the setting just shy of wool. But start very low and work your way up, not the other way around. You do not want to melt your carpet! Also, set your iron at NO STEAM.

Lay one sheet of papertowel over the wax drips.

Place your iron on top of the papertowel, press gently, and count. Again, start low and work your way up. I started at first by counting to five, but counting to 30 ended up working best for me.

Lift up your iron and you will see oily spots on your papertowel. This is the wax coming up!

Repeat until you get all the wax up.

And for my quilting and sewing buddies the answer is No, I did not get one drop of wax on the plate of the iron!

This WORKS. There are no greasy stains, there are no little bitty leftover drops of candle wax, I did not have to cut my carpet. It just plains works!

The next time I drop a candle and it rolls across the floor and leaves a lover-ly trail of candle wax on my carpet (and yes, honey, doesn't burn our house down), I will be sure to have the camera at the ready, I promise.

Life is good - Wax on, wax off.

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beebee said...

thanks for the info. I will remember this if I ever have to take wax out of a carpet.
I love to come by and read your blog..I always learn something new!