Sep 16, 2012

Miss Aimee's quilt

My sweet granddaughter turned ONE. Ye Gods, how did that happen so fast?! Of course, Aimee needed her first quilt from her Umma for her birthday. And here it is, being modeled so beautifully by it's new owner:

Happy Birthday, sweet Aimee!
(Oh my gosh, my heart just melts when I see that sweet smile!)


Verna G said...

She has grown up fast! Does she live closer to you now?

Joan J said...

Hi Verna!

No, sadly, my son and his family still live in Dallas (and we're in southwestern Ohio). Way too many miles away! Every time I'm with my grandson (who lives 1/4 mile away), my heart aches to have Aimee an equal amount of time!

She has grown up so fast. She's walking now and starting on some words. And I'm missing it all. Hopefully we'll get out for a visit in the next few months. I can't last much longer.


Karen said...

She is absolutely beautiful! Nice job on the quilt too. Nothing like home-made grandma gifts!

heart of charnwood said...

Look how happy she is on your gorgeous quilty present- what a lucky girl!! Ange x