Sep 5, 2012

A normal day!

After more than a month of construction, installers, hefty cleaning, husband away on a business trip, grandson away because of the asthma triggers caused by the construction, finally - finally! life can now return to normal.

I made up my menus so I could get caught up on grocery shopping. Here's what's on for the week:

Fish Tacos
Corn on the Cob
Mexican Rice

Spaghetti Squash w/
marinara sauce and
Garlic bread

Chicken Fajitas w/ onions, peppers and salsa verde
L/O Mexican Rice
Green salad

Eggplants stuffed with Italian Sausage
  and mozzarella cheese
Steamed Green Beans

Homemade Pizza
Made with leftovers from above

Boneless pork chops
Apple Gravy
Steamed Carrots

My To Do List this week isn't all that long (gasp!), mainly because I just need some "down time" from last week's cleaning frenzy. I've still got more laundry to catch up on, need to empty out and clean my refrigerator, do some gardening, and I hope to work on Mr. B's Lego quilt.

All our "breakables" that we had to pack up and move out before the floor installation are still in boxes in the basement, so Jeff and I will work on those a little each night. I don't want everything to come back up because I'm in a "less is more" frame of mind lately. So I'll go through each box and sort it out, and just bring up what is necessary or what we absolutely love. The rest can stay boxed up.
My sweet baby granddaughter turned ONE! How did that happen?!? Even Mr. B. said that the time went by fast.  I did make her a quilt with her name on it -- will show pics in a few days when she receives it. They were out of town on her birthday, and then I got buried in floor installation, so her quilt is arriving late. Thankfully, she's ONE and won't care :)

Life is good -- and even sweeter with grandchildren!

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Karen said...

Your menu list sounds delish. I'm having a hard time finding no-carb, lo-carb things to eat. Maybe I'll steal some of your ideas. Your grandbaby is so beautiful! Isn't being a grandma fun?