Feb 8, 2012

20 Weird Things...

I've been tagged by a friend via email to share 20 Weird Things about Me, and then pass it on to 20 email friends to pass along to 20 more friends, etc etc...  Since I'm not big on passing unsolicited email along, I thought I'd just write here, you can read it, and you can consider yourself "tagged" and post the same about you on your blog!

20 Weird Things About Me

1. I drink my first two cups of coffee with just Cremora. The rest of the day, I drink it with Sweet n'Low and heavy cream.

2. I like plain food. No flavored oatmeal, frosted donuts, sugary cereal -- I prefer it plain, thank you.

3. I am scared to death of moths and butterflies.

4. I once cooked lunch for President Jimmy Carter's mother. She's dead, you know. It wasn't from my cooking.

5. In my lifetime I remember telephones you crank by hand, wringer washing machines, the first TV show in color, TV's with no remote controls, and FM Radio being considered subversive.

6. When cooking, I wash my hands before, after and sometimes during working with any meat.

7. My brother's and my birthday are the same day - four years apart. My daughter and her aunt, and my sister and my grandfather also have birthdays on the same day.

8. I read at least 150 books a year. Ninety-five percent of that reading is done in the bath tub.

9. My name was once mentioned in a murder trial. (I had nothing to do with it.)

10. My first full time job out of school paid $63 a week, and I thought I was living the life. I had a new car and my own apartment.

11. The clothes in my closet are sorted by color.

12. I've been married 34 years and I love that man more than the day I married him.

13. I knew Steven Tyler when he was still Steven Talerico. I was friends with Tom Hamilton, Aerosmith's bass guitarist.

14. I once owned and operated the largest Internet Service Provider in great Cincinnati. I still have 150 phone lines coming into my house. It ought to be interesting to explain that if we ever sell.

15. I am compulsive about making my bed. If for some reason it's not made when I go to get in it at night, I have to make it before going to bed!

16. I once snuck into a Harry Chapin concert during intermission. A guy came and sat beside me and asked me how I liked the concert so far. I said, "Don't tell anyone, but I just snuck in." He laughed, stood up and walked up and got on stage. It was Harry Chapin.

17. I came up with the idea for the first personal printer for computers. I submitted my idea to IBM and got paid $1000. Little did I know how underpaid I was.

18. My father was in the 101st Airborn Parachute Infantry in World War II. If you watch "Band of Brothers" that is his experience. In one part of the movie, a sargeant says to a paratrooper, "Just leave your chute." The paratrooper says, "I can't. I promised my girl I'd bring it home." My mother's wedding dress was made from the silk of my dad's parachute.

19. My grandmother's pride and joy was her grape vines. She made the most wonderful grape jellies. Around age 5 a friend and I went into my grandmother's grape garden and had a grape fight. We literally squished every grape. It was the one and only time I remember my grandmother so mad she was speechless. Lesson learned.

20. We have lived in Ohio for 24 years. We agreed to transfer here because my husband's company told him it would be for three years. Not a day goes by that I don't miss my friends and family in New Hampshire.

That's it! Now how about you? Do you have 20 weird things?? If you post this on your blog, leave a comment with your blog address and I'll link to you here.

My friend Karen did a list on her blog, NOW DON'T GET ME STARTED . If you visit, make sure and leave her a comment.


Susie said...

Your life sounds awesome !! Since I've been blogging and leaving comments...I realize how many things I have done in my lifetime. I love the part about your mom's wedding dress:):) Smiles to you,Susie(She Junks)

Karen said...

I have to agree with the thing about the bed. I hate to make it, but I hate to get into it unmade.