Jan 6, 2012

A little sewing

I just made this purse for my friend, Lynn. She makes me the sweetest gifts for birthdays and holidays, so I wanted to make something for her this year. I wish I'd taken a photo showing the interior -- a cute light purple floral with olive green accents. The purse has two interior pockets and a magnetic closure.

Do you love the Zipper flower? I saw it on the Sew It All  TV show and knew I wanted to use it as an embellishment on a purse. It's a quick craft! You have to hand sew each individual zipper piece, but it was a good project to do while watching TV.  When Lynn opened her gift, it just so happened that the button in the center of the flower matched the sweater she was wearing perfectly, so she unpinned it and wore it on her sweater! I guess that means she liked it.

The purse fabric was some I found this summer at a yard sale. I believe I got 2 yards of it for $1. I love the multi-colored embroidery thread embellishment on it. The zippers come from my enormous zipper stash. Most were purchased by my husband at yard sales and estate sales - by the box full! Who knew they'd come back in fashion and I'd be sitting on a gold mine.

Life is good -- especially when you have friends that appreciate homemade gifts!


Karen said...

I LOVE it! I need to do some research and find some fun things like that to make. Thanks for the photos!

ANudge said...

Love it! She will be thrilled.
Nice job.