Dec 28, 2011

Happy Holidays

Well my goodness, I certainly did get sidetracked with all the holiday rigamarole. My To Do List was long and my gift list short (an effort to go for "quality" not "quantity" ), and my desire to have my house decorated "just right" was forefront. Mission accomplished. We had a wonderful and truly memorable Christmas.

Both of my children and their families were here, which was a first. I have to tell you, since my children were small I had visions of someday having them, their significant others, and grandchildren around the Christmas Eve dinner table. I can check that off my Bucket List now (though I'd certainly like a repeat performance as often as possible!).

What a lovely, lovely thing to hold both my grandchildren at the same time. Mr. B. was quite charmed by his new little cousin, and Miss Aimee couldn't take her eyes off of him. Sweetness to the Nth degree.

When Jeff and I finally got to bed on Christmas Eve, we discussed the day, and both agreed it was absolutely perfect and so meaningful. We've done our job. Our kids are grown and independent; both have good careers with very promising futures; are thoughtful, caring human beings; and have given us grandchildren that we hold so very dear. Life is good.

Now it's time for life to return to "normal" and start thinking about UN-decorating the house, probably later this week. It's going to look so plain without all it's "bling"!!

A few photos from the holiday.
My son, Jeff; his daughter, Aimee; my daughter, Mary; and her son, Mr. B.
Love my daughter-in-law, Lisa!

My husband and Miss Aimee

A dream come true - me with my two grandbabies in one place!
Our dining room was the Christmas focal point this year.

A stocking-gift bag for each family member.

My button-decorated little tree on top of my treadle machine.
Life is good -- and some days, it's even better than good!


beebee said...

Great pictures of your precious grandbabies. You have a beautiful family. I am so glad ya'll were able to get together for Christmas. We had a family gathering here at our home Christmas Eve...20 of us in all..

have a great 2012!


Karen said...

Having the family all together in my own little house was certainly the highlight of the holidays for me as well. I'm so happy that you're happy with your wonderful family!

Milady said...

Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com