Nov 1, 2011

Helpful hint - For that sticky, noisy sliding patio door

Two years ago we had our sliding patio door replaced. While the contractor was here, he told me this helpful hint. DON'T use oil on the track of the door when it starts to stick. Here's what to do instead.

It works on the heavier, interior glass door as well.

You're welcome!


Karen said...

Cool! When I finally someday in the very distant future get the money to put in a slider in my living room.....I will use your trick!

beebee said...

great idea. I used to rub a bar of soap in my sliding glass door. I will have to tell my friend about your tip!

I enjoy reading your blog and I love the Light at the end of the Tunnel picture. I hope you don't mind but I put it on my blog too! it is so funny!

Verna G said...

Hve missed your blog recently! I assumed you were away seeing the new grandaughter!