Jul 5, 2011

4th of July at Strickers Grove

We thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon on the 4th of July at Stricker's Grove. This is a small local amusement park that is open only 4 or 5 days of the year -- and we always find out too late! But this year we made it and it was F.U.N.

Mr. B. had his first Roller Coaster ride. The park has two - a Teddy Bear coaster and the big Tornado. After five or six "test rides" on the Teddy Bear, Mr. B. was ready for his debut ride on a "big people" roller coaster. (The biggest surprise was that he met the park's height requirement! When did he get so tall??)

We had a wonderful day and I was so happy my daughter came with us. On the drive home, we decided this should be an annual event.

Not a favorite ride - apparently he doesn't like to spin!

Too slowwwww (and why doesn't that steering wheel really work?)

A favorite - he could be in control of the up and down motion.

Yeah! Train ride! Good!

The "training" coaster - with Umpa, of course.

1st Roller Coaster ride - 2nd car, back car.

Hope you all had an equally fun, family-oriented 4th of July!

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Karen said...

good for him for going on that big roller coaster! I know some adults who wouldn't ride that! Emily was afraid at Canobie last year, but I bet she'd do it this year.