Jun 29, 2011

How to Keep Up with Housework during the Casey Anthony Trial

I heart Belvin Perry!
I admit to being a Casey Anthony Trial addict. From day one. From the initial draw-dropping opening statements to today's much-anticipated testimony of Jesse Grund. I won't post my opinions of the trial, the attorneys, Ms. Anthony or the Judge (I *heart* Judge Perry!) because that changes from day to day (except for the fact that I *heart* Judge Perry!).

But here's the problem. When you're glued to the TV and/or computer live streaming of the court case (and sometimes both at the same time) from 8:30 in the morning until 5:00 (and as late as 7:00) pm, other responsibilities can easily fall by the wayside. (Let me add, I do not watch or listen to the trial when Mr. B. is here -- I wait until he goes home and then watch allllll the archived footage from the day!) Housework and my normal To Do List comes immediately to mind.

So yesterday I said "enough is enough" and promised myself to wean myself away from the court case at least long enough to get some necessary housework and laundry done. It didn't work. As soon as an attorney started to speak, I was once again glued to the screen.

And then... came a Sidebar. And a subsequent "lightbulb moment"....

So here, dear friends, is...
A list of housework you can do
during the 
Casey Anthony Trial

- of which there are many! Follow this list and no one will know you spent 9.5 hours in front of one screen or another.

1st Sidebar - Make the bed.
2nd Sidebar - Dishes from sink to dishwasher; run dishwasher.
3rd Sidebar - Bring one load of laundry to the washing machine and start.
4th Sidebar - Wipe down kitchen counters. Grab a bottle of windex and several paper towels.
5th Sidebar - Windex and clean what you can in the area - TV screen, patio door, glass table tops, appliances, countertops, windows, etc.
6th Sidebar - Move laundry from washing machine to dryer.
LUNCH! - Usually 90 mins. Take a nap.
7th Sidebar -Clean dishes out of dishwasher, put away.
8th Sidebar - Grab a washcloth. Go into guest bathroom. Grab your bottle of blue mouthwash and pour a small amount on the washcloth. Wipe down bathroom sink, counter and toilet seat. (This is a great fast-cleaning tip to refresh your bathroom quickly!) Mmm... smells so clean now!
10th Sidebar - Bring dry clothes in basket to nearest screen - fold while watching trial.
11th Sidebar - Clean tablecloth on kitchen table; clean dishcloth and dishtowel at sink.
12th Sidebar - Defrost meat for dinner.
13th Sidebar - Put meat in oven.
End of trial for the day!

And there you go! You've watched the entire trial for the day and no one is the wiser. Your house is clean(er), the basics are done, and you didn't miss a minute of the trial!


Dixie said...

Joan... this has to be one of the funniest things you've ever posted... thanks for the laughs...

now... is HIS supper ready!

just wanted you to know I'm still alive and kickin!!

blessings. Dixie

Karen said...

I'm a good wife cause I'm a little gay every day.

beebee said...

love your blog..too funny today.

Good Houskeeping should publish this in their magazine just to see what their readers think!

Marianne said...

First time to your blog: Oh, this is too excellent! I've actually sewn 6 quilt tops since the beginning of the trial! I take a different tack and do everything during the lunch break. I *heart* Judge Perry too. How can you not?!