Feb 22, 2011

I never knew this is what I wanted to be when I grew up...

I was not one of those kids that had an idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up. Even in high school, I had no inkling of what I might want for a "career". I fell into careers jobs - Ph.D. research assistant, newspaper editor, business manager - and although I enjoyed the jobs, I never felt that any were my "calling".

It's only been in the past few years that I've realized I finally know what I want to be when I grow up...

A grandmother.

Being a grandmother is like nothing I've experienced before. It brings me joy, it sparks my creativity, it makes me examine, appreciate and improve my self and life in general, and I find it both fascinating and stimulating. It is the ulltimate in unconditional love.  And even better, I'm darn good at being a grandmother! Mr. B's laughs and giggles and excitement about learning are my paycheck every week. I can take him ANYwhere - out to a nice restaurant, to the movies, and, as of yesterday, furniture shopping - and he is always very well behaved. He says please and thank you now without being prompted. He knows how to help make bread, bake cakes, create smoothies, make a bed, and chop onions and celery. He loves books and the library. He's doing basic addition and subtraction, and can now write sentences. I don't take credit for all of it, but I know my being a hands-on grandmother has helped him in many ways.

My son and his wife recently announced that they are expecting their first baby in mid-September. They live in Colorado, so this will be a long-distance grandbaby. I have had Mr. B with me pretty steadily from the time he was 3 weeks old (he turns a big FIVE on March 1st), so long-distance grandmothering is going to be a completely different experience. I'm already thinking the baby's first words  might be "Skype Umma!"

If anyone has ideas on long-distance grandmothering, please share with me! Telephone calls and Skype just won't work until the baby is two years or so, so I am trying to think of ways to connect while the baby is an infant. Jeff and I have decided we will make two trips a year to visit but that still leaves a lot of kisses and hugs I'm going to miss out on!

My daughter-in-law sent me a photo of her first ultra-sound. There's just a tiny little peapod visible, but I am in love love love already. I can almost feel this baby in my arms for the first time, all ready for me to smooch and hug and love up on. It literally feels like just yesterday that I held Mr. B. for the first time, and we've been so close since that moment. I can't wait to experience that same wonderful Umma-love with the new baby.

I remember when I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd baby. My son was just a year old. I wondered how on earth I would ever be able to love a new baby as much as I loved him. But of course, the instant my daughter came along, it all worked out. But with grandbabies, it's different. I don't wonder for even one second if I can love a new grandbaby as much as I love Mr. B. I will. I do already!

Please hold my son, my daughter-in-law, and my new grandbaby to be in your hearts and prayers, and let this be a happy, healthy pregnancy for them all.


Shannon said...

Congratulations!! I am looking into the future when I am a Grandma. It scares me to know that I am almost to that point in my life. But it is exciting at the same time.

Barb said...

My neice (yep, Im almost sixty and have an infant niece)has been seeing me and I have been seeing her on skype since her birth. she certainly has recognized the people in the picture since about six months, and recognized us when we finally saw her in person two months ago-so I would be skyping constantly-if nothign else for voice recognition and so YOU can see HIM (or her). It was also wonderful to be able to see how mom grew and eveloped and shared her stomach and so on.

Karen said...

I am so happy that you enjoy grandmothering so much. Isn't it wonderful?! I'm thinking maybe you could make your own audiotape books. Get some children's books and read them aloud onto an audiotape and send them along for the new baby to hear your voice.