Jan 8, 2011

The Domino Effect of Trying to Be Organized

I spent the entire day today watching the re-organization of my quilt room have a domino effect around my house. I have a work surface and two cabinets in the den that I need moved up to my quilt room for a new work surface there -- but this means the contents of the two cabinets/four drawers have to be sorted, emptied and organized (as opposed to just dumped on the floor which was honestly my first inclination). Most are household files - contact info for painters and handymen, warranties for major appliances, every receipt for car maintenance, etc. But there was also a lot of pure paper clutter in those drawers - because this is the place I have always shoved unimportant papers until I could find the time to file them (aka never). So now I'm forced to sort and purge and organize (which is a good thing, I know, but hard to see that when it's on the "Must Do NOW" list, as opposed to being on the "When I Get Around To It" list). So far, two large trash bags of papers have gone out, plus a trash can full of paper to be shredded or burned.

My husband, who was noticeably absent during the emptying of the sewing room, is all gung-ho on the idea of changing this little "den" (originally the dining room, which was moved to the formal living room which we never used) into a video game room -- which means he's being overly helpful and thinks everything needs to be purged and sorted NOW so we can get on with it. Nevermind that I have an empty sewing room upstairs, and a guest room that is quite literally full to the ceiling with all came OUT of the sewing room and now needs to go back (in a slow, organized, thoughtful way). He says he's going out tomorrow to buy a new television for the new room. Anyone else hearing the whisper of "man cave"?

The now-full guest room is going to receive a dresser and small desk from my sewing room. Unfortunately, this means the cedar chest in that room no longer has a home - nor the vintage linens stored in the chest. It doesn't matter though - since I can't actually get IN the guest room to move the cedar chest out or to put the desk and dresser in.

We have a nice little side table in the dining room that will fit perfectly between two comfortable chairs in the "new" game room - but all four drawers had "stuff" in them... yarn, knitting needles, exercise bands, playing cards and (yay!) a Pokeno game. All need a home now.

Metal shelving and another dresser from my sewing room also need a home. I'd like to use the metal shelving to extend my "pantry" -- which currently consists of two metal shelving units in the garage. Since there's no more room on the same wall in the garage, and I want all my pantry items together in one place - all four shelving units now need to be moved to the basement.... along with all the canned goods currently stored on the original two shelving units.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

The antique cabinets that I posted about previously used to hold my cookbook collection. The cabinets are moving up to the sewing room. Where do the cookbooks go? They all need to be moved to another 4-shelf cabinet in the kitchen. Except it's not deep enough to accommodate some of my larger cookbooks, so I need to either get rid of them or find them a new home.... somewhere.

Mr. B's toys, games and craft items are currently stored in three bookcases in the aforementioned den. Though some can remain, most need some kind of organization and storage solution.

Progress on my sewing room has ground to a halt. I'm sure I will spend most of the day tomorrow purging and sorting toys, books and paper to make room for the new television. But wait... we don't have another television console table... maybe if I moved the small shelves to the master bedroom... and the tall dresser to the master bath... no, wait.. then I'd have to move the low dresser to the other wall which means..........


RavenzTarot said...

If that picture was a fabric i would so buy some and make a bag or skirt!

KatKing said...

So, so true! Love the little drawing, that is exactly what happens! Getting ready to do the same thing here and I know we will have the same predicament!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I HEAR ya!

I am currently purging papers out of my filing cabinet. Why should I keep old utility bills, old bank statements, old stuff from the school where JC and JR went, old repair bills on the truck, and every little piece of paper from Hubs' IRA account (those people can generate more paper than anyone)?

I also got our tax information together. Even though I've heard you shouldn't try to file till after February because of all the confusion the tax laws have changed, I'm ready.

Every morning, I spend about two hours just picking stuff up here and there and taking things to where they're supposed to be. I'm looking harder at all the stuff I have. If I don't just love it, or if I don't use it, then it should go in the garage sale box.

Yesterday, I got sidetracked organizing my seed stash. This year, I'm going to plant some of everything I have. If it doesn't germinate, then I'll know I've let the seed get too old and I can throw what's left on the compost. If it does, then I will have fresh seed and I can throw what's left of the old on the compost. Yesterday, I broadcast poppy seed, hollyhock seed, datura seed, hibiscus seed, where I want it to come up. Most of these things have such long taproots, they don't transplant easily, and they have self-sown and come up for me all by themselves in previous years at the other house.

So, Rock on, my girl, you will get there! Hugs

Anita - aka Granny Patches said...

I'm having the same effect. I keep asking myself "will it ever get done" and "why did I start this in the first place."

I have to keep reminding myself it will all be worth it when finished.